Fuck OB People's Co-op! - by Mark E. Smith

I just got the June issue of the Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op News and I'm so angry I can barely type.

GMO Labels and Lies - by Mark E. Smith

Organic consumers recently learned to their horror that three corporations had been including genetically modified ingredients in food products labeled organic or non-GMO. The reaction of these consumers, who want to know what's in their food and who consider genetically modified organisms (GMOs) dangerous, was to increase their demands for GMO labeling.

Voting Against Values - by Mark E. Smith

Today, while at the organic food cooperative where I do most of my shopping, I ran into one of their founders, a dear man, a good man, and a man I've known for many years and happen to like. He and his wife, the co-op's general manager, helped take the co-op from a hippie storefront thirty years ago, to the multi-million dollar business it is today.

Apologies for posting a false report.

Monsanto is being forced out of the UK and Europe.


From the Health Ranger, forwarded by Gary Kohls:

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