Terror as Method: A Journalist's Search for Truth in Rwanda - by Lara Santoro

Terror as method: A journalist’s search for truth in Rwanda

Lara Santoro

2015-09-29, Issue 744



What if Mandela was playing "dead" to avoid meeting Obama? - by Jean-Paul Pougala (newslink)

The English translation of this article is in .pdf format so I can't copy and post it here, but it is very much worth reading, so please click on the link:


Scheerly He's Joking - by Mark E. Smith

Obamapologist Robert Scheer has just written an article for TruthDig entltled, "Yes We Can, We Did, and Now Obama's Second Term Is Our Responsibility."

Liberals Who Vote for Torture - by Mark E. Smith

Here's a link to the video of some of his less wealthy donors trying to tell Obama to stop torturing Bradley Manning (as if he had any say in the matter):


CIA and the Culture of Corruption - by Melvin A. Goodman


Obama's Record as President - (Video)

This is a video about 9/11, but it has the goods on Obama.



The entire video is good, but this segment is outstanding:


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