Voting for Slavery - (Image)


Voting For Slavery


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Election Defense Scumsuckers - by Mark E. Smith

Someone just sent me a link to this video by the Election Defense Alliance:

War Should Be An Election Issue - (Newslink)

Amy Goodman's article, "War Should Be An Election Issue," meaning that when people talk about elections, they should discuss the wars, was published on Truthdig:

The Last Reliable Voting Machines Are Gone - by Mark E. Smith

Americans learned in the 2000 election that even if the states count the votes, the Supreme Court has the Constitutional power to thwart the public will. But people continue to vote anyway. Over 80% of US votes are scanned and tabulated by machines that are easily hacked and totally unverifiable.

The 2009 Iranian and Honduran Elections - (Newslink)

Excellent article on the difference in the elections in Iran and Honduras and how the US government and the US media treated them:


With Voting Rights Groups Reeling, New Registrations Decline - (Newslink)

Whatever the reasons, I think this is good news. I even left a comment at the site.  ;)

Paul Kagame’s desperate days - by Milton Allimadi



Jesse Ventura: This is a Country of Fear - (video)

This is just a quick clip promoting his Conspiracy show on TV, but it is also a reminder that the CIA, which has been in the business of rigging elections in other countries for decades, is more deeply embedded here at home.


States Have No Rights the Feds are Bound to Respect - by Mark E. Smith

Since many people here in California will be voting in the November election in hopes of legalizing pot statewide, I predicted that even if they did, the federal government would continue to bust people in California for pot. And I was right.

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