How to Hold Free and Fair Elections - by Mark E. Smith

Having spent the past decade studying why the United States does not have free and fair elections, I've learned a lot about what is necessary for free and fair elections to occur.

This is not an inclusive list, but without these minimal measures, elections cannot be said to be free and fair.

On U.S. Elections - by Mark E. Smith

Most everyone on Fubar has seen my election boycott advocacy. But when I post elsewhere, I inevitably run into political party operatives.

Haiti's Election Farce Backfires - by Charlie Hinton


Haiti's Fatally Flawed Election - by Jake Johnston and Mark Weisbrot


Executive Summary

The Rigged Election of 2008 - by Mark E. Smith

I believe that the 2008 Presidential election in the US was rigged. My reason for believing this is that neither candidate attempted to appeal to the voters.

At that time public opinion was running strongly against bailouts--as high as 90% in some cases.

Brazil clown secures congress seat after literacy test - (Newslink)

The Chair recognizes the Honorable Tiririca:

stop voting, start acting - by Mothuzad Keen


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