Indigenous Communities Boycott Elections - (Mexico)

Two indigenous communities in the violence-torn Mexican state of Michoacan will not participate in the state elections set for November 13. Spokespersons for the Nahua community of Osutla and the Purepecha community of Cheran reiterated this week their intentions of boycotting the vote.

The Value of Voting - by Mark E. Smith

[Note to Kindle users: The original version of the Kindle edition of Consent to Tyranny had an incorrect URL for the link to the Fubar discussion of "The Counterrevolutionary Constitution." The correct URL is »

The Political Saviour Complex - by Mark E. Smith

This is a discussion from Twitter:


blogdiva: the United States needs a democratic socialist movement, this country needs it's own home-grown LULA DA SILVA


The Emperor Has No Votes - by Charlie Hinton

The Emperor Has No Votes: The Imposition of Martelly, the Reconstitution of the Army, and the Restoration of Duvalier in Haiti
by Charlie Hinton

Why I Won't Vote - by Mark E. Smith

This was written in response to somebody who runs a mailing list for people of conscience, who mentioned having voted Green in the last Presidential election, but isn't sure whether to vote Green or Democrat in the next one and doesn't think their vote really matters anyway, but is tending towards voting Democrat because the Democrats support abortio

Oak Ridge, spear phishing, and i-voting - by Jeremy Epstein

Oak Ridge National Labs (one of the US national energy labs, along with Sandia, Livermore, Los Alamos, etc) had a bunch of people fall for a spear phishing attack (see articles in »

The Wisconsin Elections - by Mark E. Smith

There's a lot of talk now about how the Democrats won in Wisconsin. But there are several things to keep in mind:

1. The elections were held on Diebold machines and are not verifiable.

2. Elections change the players, not the system.

Elections Will Kill the Egyptian Revolution - by Mark E. Smith

Even though the Egyptian army is still arresting and torturing protesters, and sentencing many to prison, Egyptians are excited about the upcoming elections.

Many seem to think that the elections are a step towards democracy. They're wrong.

Egyptian Army Turns Brutal Again - by Mark E. Smith

The Egyptian Army never lifted the state of emergency and never stopped arresting people for violating curfew.

But the Egyptian revolutionaries forgot their martyrs and negotiated with the army's transition government, which is still under Mubarak's orders.

Democracy and the Battle In Wisconsin - by the Real News Network (Video)


They get it!


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