Carter Center: Venezuelan electoral system is one of the most reliable in the world - Interview with Jennifer McCoy

The Venezuelan electoral system is the most reliable in the world, because it can be audited and verified at every stage, said Jennifer McCoy, director of the Americas Program at the Carter Ce

Was San Diego Mayor Sanders Elected? - by Mark E. Smith

I've never believed that Jerry Sanders was actually elected. Various election integrity groups in San Diego had observers at the polls and I'd gone to sleep the night of the election believing that Donna Frye had won because most polling place results showed her winning by comfortable a two-to-one or three-to-one margin.

Election Fraud in Egypt - by Michael Collins


Elections in Revolutionary Times - by Tarek Shalaby

Elections in revolutionary times

It’s been 15 months and we’re still judged, legislated and executed by SCAF. It seems like it was only the other day when a small group of revolutionaries were independently trying to talk everyone else from not walking into SCAF’s parliamentary elections.

Obama, the Supreme Court, and the 2012 Election - by Mark E. Smith

There has been quite a bit of discussion in the mainstream media and the alternative media about Obama's criticism of the Supreme Court, which is considering his health care plan. Seeing one of these discussions on a mailing list I subscribe to, I took the opportunity to do some more election boycott advocacy.

Is Voting a Solution? - by Prof. Dennis Loo

This is the text of a talk that I gave at the Left Forum on March 17, 2012 in NYC in a session entitled "Is Voting a Solution?" that also featured talks by David Swanson and Andy Zee. 

Today's Top Article on BradBlog is Devoted to Dissing Me


Too funny!

Occupy Electoral Politics


When I posted a response it was "held for moderation."

Subsequent comments were allowed, but my first response, which you can read below is still being censored.

Egyptians Resist US Attempt to Impose Sham Election - by Mark E. Smith

Here's a clip of Egyptian actor Khalid Abdalla speaking to Al Jazeera about the sham election that the US is trying to impose on Egypt:


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