You've Got to Stop Voting - by Mark E. Smith

(This article was edited and updated on April 8, 2012)

Voting: The Sham and the Shame

Imagine something so precious that only the most powerful rulers and their cronies are allowed to have it, and it is forbidden to ordinary people. That precious right is the ability to make decisions about how you can live, what you can or cannot do, and what opportunities your children will have. It is what the right to vote should be, but is not.

Afghans Vote - by Stephen Lendman

Afghan elections are more farcical than fair. Fraud substitutes for a free and open process.

I Had A Dream -- by Mark E. Smith

I dreamed that the November 2014 elections were different from any elections I'd experienced in my 73 years as a US citizen.

God, Gays, Guns, Grass & GMOs - by Mark E. Smith

It isn't easy to get people to vote in the United States.

If Music Was Like Elections - by Mark E. Smith

Ever wonder what it would be like if we had the same sort of winner-take-all system in music as we do in elections?

You'd be able to select the music you wanted, but the only music you'd be allowed to listen to would be whichever music the big corporations had spent the most money promoting.

Voting Against Values - by Mark E. Smith

Today, while at the organic food cooperative where I do most of my shopping, I ran into one of their founders, a dear man, a good man, and a man I've known for many years and happen to like. He and his wife, the co-op's general manager, helped take the co-op from a hippie storefront thirty years ago, to the multi-million dollar business it is today.

Where did the 11 million missing voters go? - by Mark S. Tucker

In the last part of this issue of Veritas Vampirus, Mark S. Tucker asks a very significant question.

Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum: Did President Morsi Hijack Democracy? - by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Egypt Referendum

President Morsi created a

A Penny for Your Thoughts--Six Billion for Your Vote - by Deborra Ann Low

$6 billion was blown on the 2012 election cycle. Along with that expense comes
one overall goal ? the legitimacy of the state. And even with that whopping

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