Crimes Against Humanity

WHO Refuses to Publish Report on Cancers and Birth Defects in Iraq Caused by Depleted Uranium Ammunition - by Denis Halliday


Guantanamo Fast Solidarity Statement - by S. Brian Willson

S Brian Willson, 71 years old, Guantanamo Fast Solidarity Statement, June 4, 2013.

My Personal Fast

Ass Wins! - by Linh Dinh

So Americans have voted for more of the same, not because they reelected Obama, but because they went to the polls at all. As expected, the two corporate and eternal war candidates got nearly all of the votes, with the Libertarian’s, not even 1%, and the Green Party’s, less than a quarter of 1%.

Crime Without Punishment: From Chernobyl to 9/11 - by Mark E. Smith

I've just started reading the most remarkable book. It is called Chernobyl: Crimes Without Punishment, by Alla A. Yaroshinskaya, and I'm on page 75, but what I've learned so far is so important that I can't wait until I've finished the book to post about it.

Censored in 1995: 1947 AEC Human Radiation Experiments Memo - by Carl Jensen


As the secrecy ban is finally lifted, the unethical, immoral, and illegal Cold War radiation experiments on unsuspecting humans by the Department of Defense are illuminated by a most remarkable document that has emerged virtually unnoticed.

Libya's poison gas unaffected by turmoil, official says (Newslink)

Two days after I dropped the bomb on this subject, the WAPO published the following article. It took them longer because they have to be very careful what they publish. Their editor-in-chief AND the State Dpt. have to approve the article. All the same, fubar was there first.



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