What if Mandela was playing "dead" to avoid meeting Obama? - by Jean-Paul Pougala (newslink)

The English translation of this article is in .pdf format so I can't copy and post it here, but it is very much worth reading, so please click on the link:

Twitter List from Tripoli Disappeared - Accounts No Longer Exist

As you can see at the top of the page, we have a link up for a twitter list that was comprised of some ten users from inside Libya. As of today, the list no longer exists, the twitter account belonging to the person that started the list no longer exists. Fear to leave the house was the main thing on these people's minds these past few days.

Libya's poison gas unaffected by turmoil, official says (Newslink)

Two days after I dropped the bomb on this subject, the WAPO published the following article. It took them longer because they have to be very careful what they publish. Their editor-in-chief AND the State Dpt. have to approve the article. All the same, fubar was there first.



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