Bloodbath in Egypt. Over 525 Dead, 3700 Wounded - Reposted from Axis of Logic

[FUBAR note: The reason the United States gives the Egyptian military junta $1.3 billion a year is to protect Israel. For the purpose of protecting Israel, all non-Jews are considered to be enemies or potential enemies of Israel and therefore must be kept under strict military domination.

Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum: Did President Morsi Hijack Democracy? - by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Egypt Referendum

President Morsi created a

Candlelit Vigil to Honor Martyrs of the Maspero Massacre - by the Coalition to Defend the Egyptian Revolution


Call from the Coalition to Defend the Egyptian Revolution
Candlelight Vigil to Honor Martyrs of the Maspero Massacre
Friday October 12, 2012 – 7:00 PM
Union Square, Manhattan

Election Fraud in Egypt - by Michael Collins


Elections in Revolutionary Times - by Tarek Shalaby

Elections in revolutionary times

It’s been 15 months and we’re still judged, legislated and executed by SCAF. It seems like it was only the other day when a small group of revolutionaries were independently trying to talk everyone else from not walking into SCAF’s parliamentary elections.

2011 Year of the Dupe - by Tony Cartalucci

2011 YEAR of the DUPE: One Year into the Engineered "Arab Spring," One Step Closer to Global Hegemony
Timeline and History

Egyptians Resist US Attempt to Impose Sham Election - by Mark E. Smith

Here's a clip of Egyptian actor Khalid Abdalla speaking to Al Jazeera about the sham election that the US is trying to impose on Egypt:

The Revolution Business - by Mark E. Smith

First take a look at these videos:

The Egyptian "Revolutionaries" Never Understood or Joined the Global Struggle


Realizing, to my , that many prominent Egyptian "revolutionaries" are supporting the NATO-led counterrevolution in Libya, I decided to use TwitLonger to post the following very long Tweet, addressed to both Egyptians and to true revolutionaries:


The Egyptian Flagman!

There was a protest in Egypt in front of the Israeli embassy.

The people were shooting fireworks at the Israeli flag and calling to bring it down.

So one of the protesters, famous previously as the Egyptian Spiderman in Tahrir:

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