FAI Strikes Again: Incendiary Device at “Life Sciences” Office - Informal Anarchist Federation (F.A.I) Insurgents: Bristol North

“We think that anyone serious about confronting domination as it stands today will sooner or later come to the questions of science and technology. It’s clear how both have an increasingly vital role to the ruling order by creating, managing and spreading control within society and over the rest of an earth we’re falsely separated from.

A Preface to Thinking About Thinking - by Mark S. Tucker


The Sky Will Fall Down - by Mark E. Smith

I'm reading a book I happened to pick up at the library called Free Radicals: The Secret Anarchy of Science by Michael Brooks. Brooks talks about how scientists skirt the rules and often make discoveries in unorthodox ways. On p. 154, he says that the scientist Lise Meitner had been told by her grandma that if she did her embroidery on the Sabbath, the sky would fall down.

Really Bad News - The Gulf of Mexico is Dying

Dying, dying, gone................

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