You've Got to Stop Voting - by Mark E. Smith

(This article was edited and updated on April 8, 2012)

Elections Kill Revolutions

It has happened many times, in the United States, in Spain, in Egypt, and many
other places. First there is a revolution with a lot of bloodshed. Eventually

The Interrogation of the Good - by Bertolt Brecht, translated by Slavoj Žižek (Poem)

A poem by Bertolt Brecht, translated by Slavoj Žižek:

The Egyptian "Revolutionaries" Never Understood or Joined the Global Struggle


Realizing, to my , that many prominent Egyptian "revolutionaries" are supporting the NATO-led counterrevolution in Libya, I decided to use TwitLonger to post the following very long Tweet, addressed to both Egyptians and to true revolutionaries:


Elections Will Kill the Egyptian Revolution - by Mark E. Smith

Even though the Egyptian army is still arresting and torturing protesters, and sentencing many to prison, Egyptians are excited about the upcoming elections.

Many seem to think that the elections are a step towards democracy. They're wrong.

Egyptian Army Turns Brutal Again - by Mark E. Smith

The Egyptian Army never lifted the state of emergency and never stopped arresting people for violating curfew.

But the Egyptian revolutionaries forgot their martyrs and negotiated with the army's transition government, which is still under Mubarak's orders.

Statement issued by The Faculty of Law at Cairo University


Wael Ghonim is Free!

Wael Ghonim has been freed!


Tomorrow will probably be the biggest day in Tahrir Square yet.

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