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A Quintessential Lesser Evil - by Mark E. Smith

Recently elected San Diego Mayor, former Democratic Congressman Bob Filner, is now under great pressure to resign due to complaints by several women he has harassed. These include female members of his administration and some of his biggest female supporters. Bob, it seems, has been grabbing and groping women every chance he got, often in public.

Act Locally, Destroy Globally - by Mark E. Smith

San Diego Democrats are rejoicing and celebrating. Not only was Obama reelected, but we have a
new Mayor who is also a Democrat. I've met and spoken with Bob Filner on several occasions and
although I don't vote, I'd predicted that he'd be elected. San Diego is facing a fiscal cliff of its own

Was San Diego Mayor Sanders Elected? - by Mark E. Smith

I've never believed that Jerry Sanders was actually elected. Various election integrity groups in San Diego had observers at the polls and I'd gone to sleep the night of the election believing that Donna Frye had won because most polling place results showed her winning by comfortable a two-to-one or three-to-one margin.

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