Confirmed: CIA secret prison in Poland (Newslink)

Another CIA-run interrogation 'black site' has been exposed after the confessions of top-ranking Polish officials blew the lid on the dirtiest secret in Eastern Europe.

CIA Link to Terrorists - Mae Brussell (1981)

There never was any accountability and things have gotten worse, with many people silenced in the cover-ups.



Part One:


"You are all infected" - German Commuters Poisoned by Mysterious Man in Black?

Commuters on the Regional Express (RE) from Heidelberg to Frankfurt am Main this morning may have been poisoned. So far, tests have come up negative.



A Time for Truth: Osama's Death Won't Stop War on Terror Until Americans Understand Threat was Always Us

                                    A Time for Truth:

People's Tribunal of Luis Posada Carries to be Streamed Live Online - by National Committee to Free the Cuban Five

Email from freethefive.org:

The airport security solution government crooks don't want you to know about - (Video)

This is the solution to airport security. It doesn't irradiate anyone, it doesn't violate anyone's privacy, it is much cheaper than the scanners, it is much more effective than the gropes, and it is used by the FBI themselves and also by our military in conflict zones around the world where explosives are common.

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