More Congo Propaganda: M23 & the Unseen High-Tech Genocide - by Keith Harmon Snow

The western propaganda system is again trotting out the refrain that "rebels in Congo have been defeated."  The latest so-

Canada in the Wars in Central Africa -- Intro by keith harmon snow

Genocide and Looting of the Congo's Natural Resources Through Rwandan Intervention

Pentagon Produces Satellite Photos of 1994 Rwanda Genocide - by keith harmon snow

Commemorating More Than 18 years of Terrorism in Central Africa

April 6, 1994 - April 6, 2012

keith harmon snow
6 April 2012

keith harmon snow explains the situation in the Congo - (Newslink)

Very short and very much worth checking out. First is an audio soundbite, and then a few written answers to questions they didn't have time for. Probably the clearest explanation of the Congo situation and Obama's complicity available.

Remembering Lumumba - by Mwaura Kaara

On 17 January 1961 Patrice Lumumba, the charismatic first and only elected prime minister of Congo, was brutally murdered. The circumstances of his death remain a mystery, the identity of his killers unknown.

No, Sexual Violence Is Not 'Cultural' - by Lisa Shannon What sort of culture would think that rape was cultural? Ours, for one.

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