Open Letter to Lynne Stewart, Ralph Poynter, and Friends - by Mark E. Smith

If you still trust the US government and believe that capitalism is the best system in the world, you need read no further, as all I can offer you are my condolences.

Otherwise, here is what you need to know and to act upon immediately:

Most medical research cannot be trusted.

How Tobacco Took the Rap for Dioxin and Radiation - by Mark E. Smith

Along with most of the other longterm smokers in my senior building, I do not believe that smoking is responsible for the cancer epidemic, but most people in the USA would not agree.

Lynne Stewart: As Fucked Up As It Gets - by Mark E. Smith

Lynne Stewart, the attorney who is serving a ten year sentence because she refused to express remorse for having done the right thing, has had a recurrence and metastasis of cancer and is unable to get proper treatment. Here are some links to the story:

Cancer: Alternative Health Cures Reference Website

Sure wish I'd known about this site when Rossi was still alive, but I doubt he'd have taken it seriously. He believed in the system of western technological progress that is killing us and the planet.

May Alleviate Cancer Without Chemo, But it's Forbidden - by Dr. Mercola

If your child were diagnosed with a very serious, very rare form of brain cancer, what would you do?

Where would you turn?

This is the situation that Rick Schiff, a police sergeant with the San Francisco Police Department, and his family were faced with back in 1994.

Edward Haslam: Dr. Mary's Monkey - by James Fetzer

Those who are most critical about Judyth Vary Baker appear to be those who know the least about her. It is therefore fortunate indeed that the author of DR.

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