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Life Imitates Art: That Completes My Argument - by Mark Weisbrot

It's nice when you make a documentary about how the major media outlets misrepresent reality, and the media response to the film proves your point. In fact, the media's response to Oliver Stone's "South of the Border," which I wrote with Tariq Ali, really completes a number of the film's arguments.

One Year After the Coup, Rift Persists - by Mark Weisbrot

One Year After the Coup, Rift Persists Between Washington And Latin America Over Honduras At dawn one year ago, on June 28, soldiers invaded the home of Honduran President Mel Zelaya and flew him to Costa Rica. It was a frightening throwback to the days when military men, backed by a local oligarchy and often the United States, could overturn the results of democratic elections.

Oliver Stone's New Film "South of the Border" Oliver Stone Exposes NYT's Distorted Latin America Coverage, Rebuts Paper's Attacks Oliver Stone touches a nerve in his takedown of the corporate media's support of US Interventions in Latin America and ongoing demonization of Hugo Chavez.

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