It Has Happened Here in America: The Police State is Real - by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The Bush regime’s response to 9/11 and the Obama regime’s validation of this response have destroyed accountable democratic government in the United States.
So much unaccountable power has been concentrated in the executive branch that the US Constitution is no longer an operable document.
Whether a person believes

The Law Against Justice - by Mark E. Smith

The U.S. legal system is not a justice system and is often the enemy of justice. There's a story about a law professor who was asked a question about justice by a student and marched the entire class outside, pointed at the building and told them to read what it said.

Teaching the ACLU About Democracy - by Mark E. Smith

The attorney speaker for the ACLU, Michael Crowley, has a new blog So I decided to post a comment, which is currently awaiting moderation. As I don't expect it to be published, I thought I'd post it here:

A Conflict Between Justice and the U.S. Constitution - by Mark E. Smith

Human Rights First is asking candidates to support civilian trials rather than military

tribunals for suspected terrorists. The pledge that they are asking candidates to sign,

gives this rationale:


"Our federal courts have convicted 400 terrorists since 9/11. Military commissions have

At Last, A US Judge Who Cares About Liberty and Justice for All - by Mark E. Smith

In his dissent from a 9th Circuit opinion in a criminal case, Chief Judge Kozinski wrote:

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