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Human Rights vs. Corporate Rule - by Mark E. Smith

I live in the USA, a capitalist country where corporations have more rights than humans. It is perfectly legal for a corporation to make billions in profits from activities that cause irreparable harm to human health, but it is considered terrorism to attempt to interfere with those blood-drenched profits.

Obama, the Supreme Court, and the 2012 Election - by Mark E. Smith

There has been quite a bit of discussion in the mainstream media and the alternative media about Obama's criticism of the Supreme Court, which is considering his health care plan. Seeing one of these discussions on a mailing list I subscribe to, I took the opportunity to do some more election boycott advocacy.

The Yes Men, Wikileaks, and the Stratfor Release

Feb. 27, 2012

Dow pays "strategic intelligence" firm to spy on Yes Men and grassroots activists. Takeaway: movement is on the right track!

Court to Vermont: “Drop Dead” - by Harvey Wasserman

A federal judge has told the people of Vermont that a solemn contract between them and the reactor owner Entergy need not be honored.

How to dwarf Fukushima... - by Ace Hoffman

Dear Readers,

If you don't want Fukushima USA to happen, there's only one choice:

Shut 'em down!  Shut 'em all down NOW!

But don't for a minute think that Fukushima was as bad as it can get!

It was bad.  It was under-reported how bad it was -- and is.

Wright County Egg owner, DeCoster, seems to be one bad Egg - by Bill Marler (newslink)

This company seems to be in a class with BP, Massey, Blackwater, and Goldman Sachs when it comes to repeat violations and impunity:

Bhopal case would take 25 years, victims will be dead: SC

Taking a dig at the slow pace of judicial proceedings, the Supreme Court on Friday said it would perhaps take another 25 years before the Bhopal gas tragedy case is decided by it and by that time the victms would be dead.

"It took the trial court 25 years to decide the case.

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