Cold War Two - by William Blum

Cold War Two

Helping the Wrong People - by Mark E. Smith

There is a group called Survivors of Torture International that has a chapter in my city, and I get their newsletter, sometimes attend their events, and have even occasionally donated to them. It is a very good cause and the people who give their time, money, and efforts to help survivors of torture are to be commended. But, as I’ve stated publicly, there is a problem here.

Innocent Iraqi woman tortured by US to scare other innocent women. (Newslink)

This is a partial transcript of testimony given on day two of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal by an Iraqi woman who was tortured by the US in Abu Ghraib. There is nothing positive or hopeful about it, so if you are trying to avoid being depressed, please don't read it.

Liberals Who Vote for Torture - by Mark E. Smith

Here's a link to the video of some of his less wealthy donors trying to tell Obama to stop torturing Bradley Manning (as if he had any say in the matter):

Obama’s gambit: Holding Egypt for Holder - by Wayne Madsen (Newslink)

Excellent backgrounder on US policy towards Egypt. A must read for anyone wondering why Obama and Clinton are still waffling.

Even knowing the history here, I hadn't put it together so comprehensively.

The ‘Italian Job’ and Other Highlights From U.S.’s Rendition Program With Egypt - by Nicholas Kusnetz , Pro Publica (Newslink)

Very important article, not long, and worth reading.

It supposedly has a creative commons license, but the rules for reposting their stories are longer than the article itself, so here's the link:

Egypt: Impunity for Torture Fuels Days of Rage - by Human Rights Watch

New Government Should Prosecute Police Abuses, Make Clean Break With Torture

Who Is Omar Suleiman? (Newslink)

(S)ince 1993 Suleiman has headed the feared Egyptian general intelligence service. In that capacity, he was the C.I.A.’s point man in Egypt for renditions—the covert program in which the C.I.A.

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