Physicians for Human Rights on Israeli Attacks on Gaza Hospitals - Press Release

22 July 2014

Yehuda Weinstein, Esq.
Attorney General of Israel
Fax: +972-2-6467001

Minister of Defense
MK Moshe Yaalon
Fax: +972-2-6496117

Military Advocate General
By fax: +972-3-5694526

Gaza Slaughter is an Elections War - by Mark E. Smith

As an Election Boycott Movement activist, when I saw the headline, "Refusing the Elections War," my first thought was that somebody was calling for an election boycott.

Let's Hold Voters Accountable -- by Mark E. Smith

Israel has begun an intense attack on Palestinians living in besieged Gaza,
secure in the knowledge that they have the support of the United States and

Israel Attacks Humanitarian Ship to Gaza in International Waters - by Michel Chossudovsky

Montreal, 12.30 AM EST,

Global Research has been in contact with the Spirit of Rachel Corrie, a Malaysian ship carrying a humanitarian aid cargo to Gaza, which has been attacked in international waters by Israel.

A tale of two ghettos - (Newslink)

The photo comparisons are apt and striking. Zionism's only response is censorship.

Tunnel Vision -- The Gaza Tunnels on Australian TV (newslink)

I just watched this but there's no way to embed it, so here's the link:

Gaza Moments (video)

US to Gaza, to Ashdod, or to Hell? - by Mark E. Smith

In an August 14, 2010 article for the Ma'an News Agency, Uri Avnery describes the testimony of the Israeli Chief of Staff of the Army, Gabi Ashkenazi, before the internal Turkel Commission in these words:

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