FAI Strikes Again: Incendiary Device at “Life Sciences” Office - Informal Anarchist Federation (F.A.I) Insurgents: Bristol North

“We think that anyone serious about confronting domination as it stands today will sooner or later come to the questions of science and technology. It’s clear how both have an increasingly vital role to the ruling order by creating, managing and spreading control within society and over the rest of an earth we’re falsely separated from.

Turning Nature Into Garbage - by Prof. Thomas Naylor (Newslink)


The rest isn't worth reading, so click on the link, scroll down to the second photo, that of Thomas Naylor, read the very very short interview, and don't bother with the rest.

"Go Green" My Arse!

This is sooo wrong......

Why Occupy Wall Street Doesn't Make Demands - by Mark E. Smith

I got the following personal email from somebody on one of the mailing lists I subscribe to (Their name has been deleted to protect their privacy):

Rhine River Acid Barge - Update

Lorelei claims yet another victim / Update



Dumping nuclear waste on defenseless Russians

Diet Simon / MONITOR 21.11.2010 11:50

The Politics of Extinction - Captain Paul Watson on the Keiser Report (Video)

The first half of this edition of the Keiser report is about our zombie economy, which has been dead for 30 years. Worth watching. The second half is an interview with

Capt. Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd and is a must see. Thanks to BrasscheckTV for featuring this clip.

Closing the Circle - by John Michael Greer

A couple of weeks ago, Energy Bulletin revisited some predictions made in 2000 by Amory Lovins, then as now one of the most vocal proponents of technological solutions to the crisis of industrial society.

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