Statists Sue The US Government - by Mark E. Smith

Here's a link to the article I'm going to comment on, an open letter from one of the plaintiffs suing the US government over NDAA. Please read the link before continuing:

Delusions of Constitutional Reform - by Mark E. Smith

Joel S. Hirschhorn has written an excellent article for Global Research in which he explains why the Constitution of the United States of America is outdated and why we need a new one, not just reforms to the old one:

Losing Constitutional Competition

Iceland's New Crowd-Sourced Constitution and Some Suggestions for USA - by Mark E. Smith

Here's a link to a google translation of what is being written as a new Constitution for Iceland: 

The Counterrevolutionary Constitution - by Mark E. Smith

We've all been taught in school that the Founders of the United States of America fought a revolution that freed the colony from British rule. That much is true. They even drew up a list of complaints to explain why that revolution was necessary, which was published as The Declaration of Independence.

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