When Did Today Begin? - By Donnchadh Mac an Ghoill

When Did Today Begin?

Book Review: Slouching Towards Sirte: NATO’s War on Libya and Africa by Maximilian Forte

What Liberals Want For Syria

Of course liberals will never watch this because they don't want to know what they're REALLY voting for when they vote for health care, GMO labeling, marriage equality, or the "lesser evil" candidate of their choice.




If you find a 500 kiloton nuclear bomb, please return to the German government—no questions asked.

500 Kiloton Nuke Bomb…And Sub…Go Missing From Germany…False Flag underway?

Raw Reports, Nuclear Threat from Germany (updated)


Can Nations Survive World Imperialist Terrorism - by Sukant Chandan


Will they fall like Libya, or can Syria & Iran Survive? 
Or, how to survive a world dominated by imperialist terror

The Egyptian "Revolutionaries" Never Understood or Joined the Global Struggle


Realizing, to my , that many prominent Egyptian "revolutionaries" are supporting the NATO-led counterrevolution in Libya, I decided to use TwitLonger to post the following very long Tweet, addressed to both Egyptians and to true revolutionaries:


Daily NATO War Crimes in Libya - by Stephen Lendman (Newslink)


Precise and accurate reporting and analysis of what the North American Terrorist Association (NATO) is doing right now in Libya.

NATO will be Defeated in Libya - by Gerald A. Perreira


The Libyan Resistance Movement. A Defining Moment for Africa

Libya and The Holy Triumvirate by William Blum

The words they find it very difficult to say — "civil war".

Losing more than Afghanistan - by Ángel Gómez-de-Ágreda

Overoptimistic calculations by western powers estimate that we are losing the war in Afghanistan. Far from it, we are losing the whole of Asia and, what is even worse, the credibility of the Alliance and the values it defends.

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