Can Nations Survive World Imperialist Terrorism - by Sukant Chandan


Will they fall like Libya, or can Syria & Iran Survive? 
Or, how to survive a world dominated by imperialist terror

5 Minutes To Self-Immolation Of The Israeli Empire

Israel Shahak wrote a foreword to his translation of Oded Yinon’s 1982 paper for the World Zionist Organization which revealed Zion’s plans for America, Israel, the Mideast and the world. Wesley Clark was given a list of 7 Muslim nations 10 days after 911 that America was to invade. That 2001 hit list originated in Israel in 1982. The last nation on that list is Iran.

Obama’s gambit: Holding Egypt for Holder - by Wayne Madsen (Newslink)

Excellent backgrounder on US policy towards Egypt. A must read for anyone wondering why Obama and Clinton are still waffling.

Even knowing the history here, I hadn't put it together so comprehensively.

Iran via Black Ops and/or Military might?

Co-opting the Anti-Nuclear Movement - by Darwin BondGraham

No medium of propaganda is as powerful and effective as film. Think of the classics, the most notorious efforts to sway the public with the electrifying and collective passion of cinema: racial apartheid was justified in the US with Birth of a Nation. The Soviets glorified their revolution with The Battleship Potemkin. Then there was Triumph of the Will.

Is Iran Contemplating Suicide?

I've been wondering why the U.S. and Israel haven't invaded or nuked Iran. And just now I saw this story, which just may explain it:
Bin Laden's son: Iran wants non-Saudi mediation to release al-Qaida leader family

Ray McGovern and Robert Parry on Truth Unflinching and the Price of Integrity - by Michael Collins

(Washington, DC) Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern and investigative journalist Robert Parry spoke at the National Press Club in Washington, DC last night. They were guests of The McClendon Group which holds periodic meetings at the press club featuring investigative reporters and newsmakers. Parry publishes and reports at

Iran: remind me now, which are the terrorists? - by Habib Ahmadzadeh and Leila Zand

From an Iranian perspective it is hard to understand what the word ‘terrorist’ means in the American political lexicon. The meaning keeps changing About the authorsLeila Zand, an Iranian now living in New York, is programme co-ordinator of Fellowship of Reconciliation.

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