The Zapatista Women’s Revolutionary Law as it is lived today - by Sylvia Marcos

This essay on the Zapatistas’ Women’s Revolutionary Law twenty years on, draws on Zapatista women’s reflections, together with a decades-long engagement with indigenous feminism and Zapatismo.

Rewind 3 - by Subcomandante Marcos

Here we explain the reasons behind this strange title and those that will follow, narrate the story of an exceptional encounter between a beetle and a perplexing being (that is, more perplexing than the beetle)

Recent Zapatista Communiques - by Subcomandante Marcos

[There are videos and music that accompany these messages, but since I'm on dial-up I cannot watch or listen to them, no less repost them here. But I have included the links and given the link to the source from which I copied each message, so if you have broadband, you can find them there. --Mark]

Re: 2012 so-called US Presidential Selection - by S. Brian Willson

What a distraction an election is from serious pursuit of our human responsibilities and sensitivities.

Patishtán Recuperates After Being Operated on at the INNN for a Brain Tumor - by floweroftheword

** Relatives affirm that the Tzotzil professor now receives “careful and dignified attention”

World Declaration in Support of Zapatista support bases of San Marcos Avilés, Chiapas, Mexico

Chiapas in solidarity

Signatures needed for freedom and justice in Mexico, the case of the Digna Ochoa Human Rights Centre, Tonalá, Chiapas


National and international campaign against the legal harassment and criminalization of human rights defenders and social activists in Mexico.

- Respect for human rights defenders,
- Cancellation of criminal proceedings.
- No to repression.
- No to harassment.

November 2010 Chiapas/Zapatista News Summary - by Wellington Zapatista Support Group

1. The EZLN Is Now 27 Years Old! – On November 17, the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) celebrated 27 years since its founding deep in the Lacandón Jungle of Chiapas. As was the case with celebrations for the anniversary of the Juntas and Caracoles, the Zapatistas celebrated privately, without news reports, journalists or the general public.

The European Parliament and San Juan Copala - by Marco Appel


Proceso, November 14, 2010
(English) from OSAG

Brussels, Belgium:

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