Waving the Banana at Capitalism: Freegans and the Politics of Waste in New York City - by Alex V. Barnard

Waving the Banana at Capitalism: Freegans and the Politics of Waste in New York City

by Alex V. Barnard

University of California, Berkeley*

Foreign Mining, State Corruption, & Genocide in Mongolia - by keith harmon snow


GMO Labels and Lies - by Mark E. Smith

Organic consumers recently learned to their horror that three corporations had been including genetically modified ingredients in food products labeled organic or non-GMO. The reaction of these consumers, who want to know what's in their food and who consider genetically modified organisms (GMOs) dangerous, was to increase their demands for GMO labeling.

How Obama Is Reversing the Civil Rights Movement - by Mark E. Smith

For anyone who hasn't already read Dougla A. Blackmon's book, Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II, it is a must read. You can find the publisher's review along with reviews by many readers on amazon, goodreads, and many other sites.

Libor Scandal Reflects A Cesspool of Financial Fraud - by Stephen Lendman

At issue is a bad barrel, not a few rotten apples. Western banking is rife with fraud.

Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail - by Matt Taibbi (Newslink)

I think most people have already seen this article from the March 14, 2012 edition of Rolling Stone, but it is so well done that I want to post the link here on Fubar for handy future reference:

Incident in New Baghdad: (Open Letter to Former US Soldiers and Critics of Ethan McCord) - by Carol Grayson


The Capstone on Capitalism by Mark S. Tucker

I'm going to repost Mark Tucker's newsletters here on Fubar. The third segment of his Capstone on Capitalism series, which I just received, refers to the discussion going on over at BradBlog, and I eagerly await Part Four and will post it here as soon as it arrives.



How to dwarf Fukushima... - by Ace Hoffman

Dear Readers,

If you don't want Fukushima USA to happen, there's only one choice:

Shut 'em down!  Shut 'em all down NOW!

But don't for a minute think that Fukushima was as bad as it can get!

It was bad.  It was under-reported how bad it was -- and is.

Double Digit Growth vs. Fear & Loathing in Bankfurt

You don't have to be an expert or even a mind reader to be able to see what's going on in the financial world.

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