The Revolution Business - by Mark E. Smith

First take a look at these videos:

Lessons From Zinema Theater’s New Film, “Sarah’s Key” - by Gary G. Kohls, MD



Last weekend I saw “Sarah’s Key”, the newest movie offering at Duluth’s Zinema Theater.


This powerful movie was made from the novel by the same name, written by French novelist Tatiana de Rosnay. My opinion is that it deserves an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Film of 2011.

The Burning Bush - 9/11 Cartoon by Carlos Latuff

The Value of Voting - by Mark E. Smith

[Note to Kindle users: The original version of the Kindle edition of Consent to Tyranny had an incorrect URL for the link to the Fubar discussion of "The Counterrevolutionary Constitution." The correct URL is »

The Egyptian "Revolutionaries" Never Understood or Joined the Global Struggle


Realizing, to my , that many prominent Egyptian "revolutionaries" are supporting the NATO-led counterrevolution in Libya, I decided to use TwitLonger to post the following very long Tweet, addressed to both Egyptians and to true revolutionaries:


Are Egyptians Abroad Pro-Revolution? - by Mark E. Smith

A few weeks ago I went to buy some things at a small store in my downtown San Diego, California neighborhood. I do most of my shopping at the Co-Op, which is a long bus ride, but occasionally bought a few onions, avocados, or grapefruit, all things which are fairly safe to buy even when they aren't organically grown, at the nearby store.

Iceland's New Crowd-Sourced Constitution and Some Suggestions for USA - by Mark E. Smith

Here's a link to a google translation of what is being written as a new Constitution for Iceland: 

The Political Saviour Complex - by Mark E. Smith

This is a discussion from Twitter:


blogdiva: the United States needs a democratic socialist movement, this country needs it's own home-grown LULA DA SILVA


The US-Al Qaeda Alliance: Bosnia, Kosovo and Now Libya. Washington’s On-Going Collusion with Terrorists - (Newslink)

Very interesting and well-documented article about historic and continuing US government ties to Al Queda.

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