Voters and the Lee Boyd Malvo Syndrome - by Mark E. Smith

A lot of research has been done into why people become serial killers. Usually
they have been abused as kids and never had strong family attachments. They're
looking for love in all the wrong places. But US voters are also serial
killers. No matter who they vote for, they are granting their consent of the

Act Locally, Destroy Globally - by Mark E. Smith

San Diego Democrats are rejoicing and celebrating. Not only was Obama reelected, but we have a
new Mayor who is also a Democrat. I've met and spoken with Bob Filner on several occasions and
although I don't vote, I'd predicted that he'd be elected. San Diego is facing a fiscal cliff of its own

Giving Thanks for Nothing! - by Mark E. Smith

One Voter's Public Display of Ignorance

Gaza Slaughter is an Elections War - by Mark E. Smith

As an Election Boycott Movement activist, when I saw the headline, "Refusing the Elections War," my first thought was that somebody was calling for an election boycott.

Let's Hold Voters Accountable -- by Mark E. Smith

Israel has begun an intense attack on Palestinians living in besieged Gaza,
secure in the knowledge that they have the support of the United States and

Election Boycott News

We've just formed a new Election Boycott mailing list:

Another radio interview - Gadsen Rising had me back on (audio)

This was the day before the election and I did the whole hour and a half.

It was fun. Mary Lou and Libby are delightful to talk with.

Ass Wins! - by Linh Dinh

So Americans have voted for more of the same, not because they reelected Obama, but because they went to the polls at all. As expected, the two corporate and eternal war candidates got nearly all of the votes, with the Libertarian’s, not even 1%, and the Green Party’s, less than a quarter of 1%.

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