Physicians for Human Rights on Israeli Attacks on Gaza Hospitals - Press Release

22 July 2014

Yehuda Weinstein, Esq.
Attorney General of Israel
Fax: +972-2-6467001

Minister of Defense
MK Moshe Yaalon
Fax: +972-2-6496117

Military Advocate General
By fax: +972-3-5694526

Profile of a Racist Zionist State - by Stephen Lendman

Israel is no democracy. It deplores democratic values. It ignores rule of law principles. Non-Jews aren't wanted.

Israel — Just Another Hapless British Colony - by John Kozy


The world would learn of a cruel and imperialistic country stealing from ... needy and naked people.”— Mohammad Mosaddegh

Bloodbath in Egypt. Over 525 Dead, 3700 Wounded - Reposted from Axis of Logic

[FUBAR note: The reason the United States gives the Egyptian military junta $1.3 billion a year is to protect Israel. For the purpose of protecting Israel, all non-Jews are considered to be enemies or potential enemies of Israel and therefore must be kept under strict military domination.

Oh the Jews! - by Mark S. Tucker

[To read Mark's brilliant summation of why Judaism is a fraud, scroll down to the part I've highlighted in yellow.]


For King County Violence & Money Trump Free Speech & Human Rights - by Mark E. Smith

When I got an email alert saying that King County had declined a human rights bus ad but had accepted a hate ad, I sent an email to King County officials (much my letter was copied from the alert, with some personal modifications). Their response and my subsequent reply are posted below.

Holocaust Survivor's Daughter Will Defy Apartheid Israel to Save African Refugees - by Mark E. Smith

Those of us familiar with Holocaust studies know of the righteous Christians who defied the Nazis to save Jews. Although Anne Frank's story is best known, there were many others. Today in Israel, it is Black refugees who have been targeted for deportation. Blacks in Israel have been subjected to hate crimes and attacks by angry mobs.

In the Twilight of Empires - by John Michael Greer

Last week’s post on the logic of nuclear deterrence in an age of decline got what was, all things considered, a much less irrational response than discussions of nuclear war generally field.  I’m not sure whether or not that counts as evidence for my theory that we’ve all somehow slipped into an alternate reality, the kind of eerie parallel universe where right-wi

Gaza Slaughter is an Elections War - by Mark E. Smith

As an Election Boycott Movement activist, when I saw the headline, "Refusing the Elections War," my first thought was that somebody was calling for an election boycott.

Let's Hold Voters Accountable -- by Mark E. Smith

Israel has begun an intense attack on Palestinians living in besieged Gaza,
secure in the knowledge that they have the support of the United States and

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