Israeli politicians decry ultra-Orthodox protesters' use of Holocaust imagery (Newslink)

Das gibt Ärger! Click on the picture to get to the article.

Oslo Terrorist Attack - by Mark E. Smith

This morning on Twitter I learned there had been an explosion in Oslo, Norway, and a mass murder at a children's camp on an island called Utoya. 

At first the mass media was speculating that it was the work of Islamic terrorists.

I tweeted that if I was the Norwegian government, I'd be looking for an Israeli with more than five passports.

Baron Otto Von Bolschwing, SS Veteran of Eichmann's "Jewish Affairs" - (Newslink)



Ardent Zionist turns boycott advocate - (Newslink)

A family of Israeli Zionists become BDS supporters.


Those Orthodox Jewish Rabbis Against Israel (video)


Conference mulls means of pressuring Israel

http://www.almasryalyoum.com/en/news/conference-mulls-means-pressuring-i... excerpt (more at the above link): "In Israel there are a number of protest movements and peace groups that reject the racism of the state in its treatment of Palestinians. But are we ready to work with these groups as Arabs and form a lobby to pressure the Israeli government?"

Playing Chicken With the Taliban

I have a google alert set to "Rachel Corrie" and one of the more disgusting things that keeps popping up is a Zionist blogger who keeps saying that Rachel died "playing chicken" with an Israeli bulldozer. Of course Rachel Corrie was unarmed, was wearing a bright orange vest for visibility, and Israel isn't supposed to carry out operations where civilians could be endangered.

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