Libor Scandal Reflects A Cesspool of Financial Fraud - by Stephen Lendman

At issue is a bad barrel, not a few rotten apples. Western banking is rife with fraud.

Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail - by Matt Taibbi (Newslink)

I think most people have already seen this article from the March 14, 2012 edition of Rolling Stone, but it is so well done that I want to post the link here on Fubar for handy future reference:

Scandal Roils Tulsa Police - (Newslink)

We're not just a police state, which is bad enough in and of itself, we're a thoroughly corrupt police state. 

Privatize! Then, Bury Your Children! - by Rocky Neptun


   Tijuana, Mexico. Dec. 5: Protesting the scorching deaths of their children for profit, several dozen families brought their heartbreak and anger to the streets of Tijuana last Sunday.

The FBI and the Murder of a Black Panther: From COINTELPRO to Post 9/11 Repression - reposted from Monthly Review MR Zine

Yesterday, December 4th, 2010, was the anniversary of the murder of Fred Hampton by the U.S. government. Here's the story from MR Zine:

12 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind – (Newslink)


Officers escape criminal charges (Australia) - (Newslink)

This is what usually happens when authorities are allowed to control their own corruption investigations--they select the most corrupt among them for the job:


How to Blackmail the CIA (newslink)

Strange case. Lots of money. Kazakhstan.

Not for everyone, though. You sort of have to be rich and be working with the CIA first. 

I'm reminded once again that in Russian the word "biznizman" means criminal.


How to Blackmail the CIA

Terrorist Ties to the United States Government - by Mark E. Smith

Okay, I'm reading Bill Blum's book, Rogue State, so I know the US is guilty of terrorism. I knew that before reading the book and before the recent Wikileaks document.

I was also aware that we had shipped tons of money to Afghanistan with no oversight, and most of it disappeared.

But I'm still capable of being shocked by new revelations. Here's the latest:

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