Why is There Famine in the Congo? - Brief radio interview with keith harmon snow & Ann Garrison

This is little more than a soundbite, but it sums up the situation nicely.

There's a transcript if you don't want to listen to the audio.

The Egyptian "Revolutionaries" Never Understood or Joined the Global Struggle


Realizing, to my , that many prominent Egyptian "revolutionaries" are supporting the NATO-led counterrevolution in Libya, I decided to use TwitLonger to post the following very long Tweet, addressed to both Egyptians and to true revolutionaries:


Survival International: There You Go! - (Newslink)

Delightful little 2-minute story book online from Survival International:

Why I am not an Israeli peace activist - (Newslink)

From the Communist Party of Great Britain comes this very sensible article by Moshé Machover:

Yale University: Funded by stolen loot from the East India Trading Company - by Danny Weil

In a May 18, 2010 article by the Editors of Rupee News (from India), the editors claim that Elihu Yale stole money from the East India Trading Company to fund Yale University, which of course is named after the old pirate.

War crimes in Gaza and the zionist fifth column in America

Source : (worth a visit!) by kanan48 Via: The James Petras Website ( ). New book by James Petras, includes the Executive Summary of the GOLDSTONE REPORT AVAILABLE ONLY FROM CLEAR DAY BOOKS, a Division of CLARITY PRESS, INC. and from TABLE OF CONTENTS * Preface / 11

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