Lynne Stewart: As Fucked Up As It Gets - by Mark E. Smith

Lynne Stewart, the attorney who is serving a ten year sentence because she refused to express remorse for having done the right thing, has had a recurrence and metastasis of cancer and is unable to get proper treatment. Here are some links to the story:

A Penny for Your Thoughts--Six Billion for Your Vote - by Deborra Ann Low

$6 billion was blown on the 2012 election cycle. Along with that expense comes
one overall goal ? the legitimacy of the state. And even with that whopping

Anarchy Is Not Chaos, Peace Is Not Chaos - by Mark E. Smith

I knew nothing about the Spanish revolution until recently, but
reading some books has been very enlightening. Here's a portion from a
chapter called "The Clandestine Revolution," in the book Durruti in
the Spanish Revolution
by Abel Paz, that I've just finished

Elections Kill Revolutions

It has happened many times, in the United States, in Spain, in Egypt, and many
other places. First there is a revolution with a lot of bloodshed. Eventually

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? - by Bill Blum

"France no longer recognizes its children," lamented Guillaume Roquette in an editorial in the Figaro weekly magazine in Paris. "How can the country of Victor Hugo, secularism and family reunions produce jihadists capable of attacking a kosher grocery store?" 1

South Dakota Retaliates Against Whistleblowers: Child Abuse Of Native American Teens By Foster Parent

Next Monday, January 7, two South Dakota state employees who risked their jobs to punish a rapist of a Lakota foster girl are being put on trial for crimes they didn’t commit. It’s part of an effort by state authorities to prevent anyone from exposing corruption at the Department of Social Services.

Whores of Babylon - by Mumia Abu-Jamal

It is possible now to live in a major American city, which boasts of a Black mayor, a Black police chief, and a Black president of a local legislative body, say, a city council, or county commission.

That’s largely because of Black population concentrations in urban districts, and their utilization of their voting power.

The nuclear waste dump formerly known as San Onofre? - by Ace Hoffman


Dear Readers,

Southern California Edison, the operator of the (non-operating) San Onofre Nuclear Waste Generating Station, is running out of options.

Cancer: Alternative Health Cures Reference Website

Sure wish I'd known about this site when Rossi was still alive, but I doubt he'd have taken it seriously. He believed in the system of western technological progress that is killing us and the planet.

Legislative Reform School - by Mark E. Smith

Many voters believe that voting can bring about social progress through legislation, but I've been unable to find any concrete

Situation NORML - by Mark E. Smith

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) thinks it has detected a whiff of opposition to the federal government.

The Sky Will Fall Down - by Mark E. Smith

I'm reading a book I happened to pick up at the library called Free Radicals: The Secret Anarchy of Science by Michael Brooks. Brooks talks about how scientists skirt the rules and often make discoveries in unorthodox ways. On p. 154, he says that the scientist Lise Meitner had been told by her grandma that if she did her embroidery on the Sabbath, the sky would fall down.

Voters and the Lee Boyd Malvo Syndrome - by Mark E. Smith

A lot of research has been done into why people become serial killers. Usually
they have been abused as kids and never had strong family attachments. They're
looking for love in all the wrong places. But US voters are also serial
killers. No matter who they vote for, they are granting their consent of the

In the Twilight of Empires - by John Michael Greer

Last week’s post on the logic of nuclear deterrence in an age of decline got what was, all things considered, a much less irrational response than discussions of nuclear war generally field.  I’m not sure whether or not that counts as evidence for my theory that we’ve all somehow slipped into an alternate reality, the kind of eerie parallel universe where right-wi

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