Rwanda Genocide: U.S. Citizen Falsely Accused - by keith harmon snow

Millions of U.S. Taxpayers Dollars Fund Fabricated Rwanda Genocide and Asylum Cases

Oliver Stone's New Film "South of the Border" Oliver Stone Exposes NYT's Distorted Latin America Coverage, Rebuts Paper's Attacks Oliver Stone touches a nerve in his takedown of the corporate media's support of US Interventions in Latin America and ongoing demonization of Hugo Chavez.

Fidel Castro: US About to Start Nuclear War?

When writing each one of my previous Reflections, while a catastrophe for humanity is rapidly approaching, my greatest concern has been to perform the basic duty of informing our people. Today I’m calmer than I’ve been for 26 days. As things continue to happen at short notice, I can reiterate and add to the reports presented to Cuban and international opinion.

Like a plane without a pilot - Israel

Even if not one more Jewish home is built in the occupied territories ?(including East Jerusalem?), the enormous apparatus of domination continues to operate there with an inner logic of many years’ duration. By Amira Hass

Police Provocateurs at Toronto G-20

You're going to have to go to the link to read the article see the photos, but it seems that the "black bloc vandals" at the G20 in Toronto were wearing police boots. The same brand-new police boots that the police were wearing. What a coincidence!

Wiping Israel Off the Face of the Internet

Have you noticed that there's a lot less about Israel on the web lately? While our mainstream media never did allow much criticism of Israel, such criticism has begun to disappear from alternative websites as well. The Chimp has stopped allowing posts that mention Israel. AlterNet has stopped running stories critical of Israel. What's going on? This might be a clue:

Is the U.S. a Fascist Police-State? - by Gonzalo Lira

I lived in Chile during the Pinochet dictatorship—I can spot a fascist police-state when I see one. The United States is a fascist police-state.

Michael Franti - Hello Bon Jour

"I don't need a passport to walk on this earth...

I Want Some of Whatever Oliver Stone is Stoned On.

I'm really looking forward to Oliver Stone's new film where he interviews Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and some of the other Latin American Presidents who are uniting the world against fascism.

US-led armada secretly drilled bombing Iranian targets, missile defense with Israel

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