Assata Shakur: Understanding the politics behind the FBI's new attack - by Eugene Puryear

Assata Shakur: Understanding the politics behind the FBI’s new attack

If Music Was Like Elections - by Mark E. Smith

Ever wonder what it would be like if we had the same sort of winner-take-all system in music as we do in elections?

You'd be able to select the music you wanted, but the only music you'd be allowed to listen to would be whichever music the big corporations had spent the most money promoting.

Venezuelan April Fools Joke


Voting Against Values - by Mark E. Smith

Today, while at the organic food cooperative where I do most of my shopping, I ran into one of their founders, a dear man, a good man, and a man I've known for many years and happen to like. He and his wife, the co-op's general manager, helped take the co-op from a hippie storefront thirty years ago, to the multi-million dollar business it is today.

Voting to Die - by Mark E. Smith

First I'm going to copy the latest articles by Ace Hoffman about restarting the San Onofre nuclear power plant, and then I'm going to explain why the problem is not the regulators or those who appointed them, but those who vote to grant them the power to kill us all:

A Jury of Her Peers? The U.S. Re-trial of Beatrice Munyenyezi - by keith harmon snow

Beatrice Munyenyezi is a Rwandan woman who survived the genocides in both Rwanda (1991-1995) and Congo (1994-1998), both of which were facilitated by Paul Kagame and the U.S.

Chavez, Iraq, Manning, BP and more - by Bill Blum

The Anti-Empire Report #114

By William Blum – Published March 11th, 2013

Hugo Chávez

I once wrote about Chilean president Salvador Allende:

Where did the 11 million missing voters go? - by Mark S. Tucker

In the last part of this issue of Veritas Vampirus, Mark S. Tucker asks a very significant question.

Thinking About Chris Dorner - by Mark E. Smith

I'd posted what purported to be Dorner's manifesto on Fubar, but I've since deleted it as it turns out to be at least partly faked.

What If Nobody Showed Up To Vote? by CTraffik - (music video)

Recent Zapatista Communiques - by Subcomandante Marcos

[There are videos and music that accompany these messages, but since I'm on dial-up I cannot watch or listen to them, no less repost them here. But I have included the links and given the link to the source from which I copied each message, so if you have broadband, you can find them there. --Mark]

It Has Happened Here in America: The Police State is Real - by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The Bush regime’s response to 9/11 and the Obama regime’s validation of this response have destroyed accountable democratic government in the United States.
So much unaccountable power has been concentrated in the executive branch that the US Constitution is no longer an operable document.
Whether a person believes

How Obama Is Reversing the Civil Rights Movement - by Mark E. Smith

For anyone who hasn't already read Dougla A. Blackmon's book, Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II, it is a must read. You can find the publisher's review along with reviews by many readers on amazon, goodreads, and many other sites.

Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum: Did President Morsi Hijack Democracy? - by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Egypt Referendum

President Morsi created a

For Zapatistas and Supporters - (some recent messages)

Thought I'd repost some recent stuff from the Blog of the Wellington Zapatista Support Group. I'll post the link below each segment, but you may have to go to the original Spanish to find all the links mentioned.

Discussion Forum

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