Flotilla fallout: What exactly was the U.S. role?

The Center for Constitutional Rights has filed a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the United States government’s knowledge of, and actions related to, Israel's attack on the freedom flotilla.

Nativo Lopez: A Mexican-American Mandela

If you've ever met Native Lopez, the President of the Mexican-American Political Association (MAPA), you'll know immediately why the comparison to Nelson Mandela is apt. Nativo is strong, dignified, soft-spoken, intelligent, and cares deeply about ending American Apartheid.

The Well From Hell - Adrian Salbuchi


Can mushrooms help save the Gulf Coast? - by Bridget Degnan

Local woman uses petro-eating fungi to clean oil spills in the Amazon Basin Mushrooms may be a tasty topping for steaks and hamburgers fresh off the grill, but didn't anybody ever stop to think that mushrooms get hungry too? They do; and according to Riverhead resident Lindsay Ofrias, oil is topping their menu.

Parental Rights vs. the Rights of the Child

A Democratic candidate runs several mailing lists to which I subscribe and sometimes post. This discussion is taken from one of those lists. I've deleted most of the names to protect the privacy of those who posted: ------------------------------------

Arab-Israeli group takes Canadian agency to court over terminated funding

by Patrick Martin An Arab-Israeli research group is taking the International Development Research Centre to court, alleging the Canadian Crown corporation cut off funding to the group under pressure from the Israeli government.

Atenco Prisoners Freed

On Wednesday June 30 the Supreme Court of Mexico overturned the convictions of the twelve political prisoners of Atenco, following years of national and international struggle by their supporters. The court cited insufficient evidence as the reason for nullifying the men’s kidnapping sentences, which ranged from 31 to 112 years imprisonment.

Oil Drilling Safety Awards Cancelled by MMS

The awards luncheon has been cancelled: http://green.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/04/28/too-busy-for-oil-awards/ Too Busy for Oil Awards By JOHN M. BRODER
Scratch the awards luncheon for offshore drilling safety.

ISTINA-Like A Fire In The Fireplace

ISTINA-Like A Fire In The Fireplace Mark Sashine – Writer There are two words in Russian language addressing the same issue: Pravda and Istina. Pravda means the Truth. Istina- something more than just the Truth. It is the Truth at the Higher plane of existence. Here are some examples:

Mahmoud Abbas - "Don't let me lose hope"

Palestinian leader gives interview to Israel media By AMY TEIBEL (AP) – 50 minutes ago JERUSALEM — The Palestinian president made a fresh bid to win over public opinion in Israel by giving a rare interview to Israeli journalists in which he cast himself as a serious partner for peace talks.

Something Happening Here

never again war

One Year After the Coup, Rift Persists - by Mark Weisbrot

One Year After the Coup, Rift Persists Between Washington And Latin America Over Honduras At dawn one year ago, on June 28, soldiers invaded the home of Honduran President Mel Zelaya and flew him to Costa Rica. It was a frightening throwback to the days when military men, backed by a local oligarchy and often the United States, could overturn the results of democratic elections.

Monsanto, Big Brother of the New World Agricultural Order

An Interview With Marie-Monique Robin by Mickey Z Award-winning French journalist and filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin is the author of "The World According to Monsanto: Pollution, Corruption and the Control of Our Food Supply" (The New Press) and the creator of the film by the same name.

No, Sexual Violence Is Not 'Cultural' - by Lisa Shannon

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/26/opinion/26iht-edshannon.html?adxnnl=1&... What sort of culture would think that rape was cultural? Ours, for one.

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