What Hugo Chavez could teach Obama - by Mark Weisbrot

Unlike our president, Latino leftists have delivered. Imagine if Barack Obama, upon taking office in January 2009, had decided to deliver on his campaign promise to “end business as usual in Washington so we can bring about real change.”

Not in the mood for chatting tonight and my TV is broke

"broke" as in - not worth turning on. nJoy the following thought provoking clips.

Losing more than Afghanistan - by Ángel Gómez-de-Ágreda

Overoptimistic calculations by western powers estimate that we are losing the war in Afghanistan. Far from it, we are losing the whole of Asia and, what is even worse, the credibility of the Alliance and the values it defends.

A Haiti Compendium

Why are the Haitian earthquake victims still in tents? The first article has the best answers I've found. The second article and the Democracy Now! show provide more details. Land Ownership at the Crux of Haiti’s Stalled Reconstruction by Kim Ives Wednesday, 14 July 2010 14:00 Source: Haiti Liberte

Police Brutality in America - by Stephen Lendman

Across America, daily incidents occur, one of many the cold-blooded January 1, 2009 murder of Oscar Grant - unarmed, offering no resistance, thrust face-down on the ground, shot in the back, and killed, videotaped on at least four cameras for irrefutable proof. USA Today said five bystanders taped it.

Clarence Thomas "Outraged" by Treatment of His Nephew, But Condones the Same for Thousands of Others - by James Ridgeway

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was reportedly "completely shocked and outraged" when he learned that his nephew, who suffers from epilepsy and was reportedly suicidal, was beaten and tased with a stun gun at a Louisiana hospital—apparently, for nothing more than some unruly behavior.

Israel's nuclear program implicated in U.S. investigation - by Yossi Melman

Israel's nuclear program has been implicated in an investigation conducted in the United States by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), according to a report published on Wednesday by the researchers of the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS).

Rwanda: Vice-Chair of Green Party Assassinated - by Frank Habineza

Kigali – The First Vice President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Mr. Andre KAGWA RWISEREKA who went missing yesterday 13th July 2010, has been found dead this morning of 14th July 2010.

Sensitivities for men only (Israel) - by Merav Michaeli

It seems that the case of the non-Zionist, flag-burning yeshiva student invokes inviolate sensitivities: national sensitivities, the feelings of soldier-men and heros.

What further proof does one need?

The recent apprehension and charges leveled against the so called Barefoot bandit is proof enough for anyone that homeland security was created to dehumanize and completely tame citizens into the zoo mentality... we all are cattle and there is nothing the cattle can do to change it now!

Increased military harassment of Zapatistas

The Zapatista Good Government Junta (JBG) of La Garrucha has denounced the Federal Army's return to operating intimidating patrols by day and night, using trucks and armoured vehicles. "Their helicopters are flying low over the communities. These operations have increased over the last 15 days."

Jim Page Sings "I'd Rather Be Dancing" (Rachel's Song)


America’s Police Force: a Centuries-Long Crime Spree - by John Reimann

On January 1, 2009, young Oscar Grant was killed by a transit cop in Oakland, California. While lying face down with a cop kneeling on his neck, Grant was shot in the back by another cop as a crowd of train passengers watched in horror. Grant, was an African-American; Mehserle is white.

West still ‘undermining Haiti’ - by Yves Engler

Six months ago a devastating earthquake killed more than 230,000 Haitians. About 100,000 homes were completely destroyed, alongside 1,000 schools and many other buildings. The scenes of devastation filled TV screens around the world. Half a year later the picture is eerily familiar.

To end the occupation, cripple Israeli banks - by Terry Crawford-Browne

The international banking sanctions campaign in New York against apartheid South Africa during the 1980s is regarded as the most effective strategy in bringing about a nonviolent end to the country's apartheid system.

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