Capitalism Finally Defined - by Mark S. Tucker


Armistice Day Has Morphed Into Veterans Day* – “Thank You For Your Service!” - by S. Brian Willson

Armistice Day Has Morphed Into Veterans Day* – “Thank You For Your Service!”

I Think I'm Emma Goldman - by MC Sole

Lyrics to "I Think I'm Emma Goldman" by MC Sole (Tim Holland) from his album, "No Wising Up, No Settling Down," which came with a button that says, "I think I'm Emma Goldman" that I wear almost constantly.)

I Think I'm Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman, I think I'm Emma Goldman

Scientists Warn of Extreme Risk: Greatest Short-term Threat to Humanity is From Fukushima Fuel Pools - by Washington's Blog


More Congo Propaganda: M23 & the Unseen High-Tech Genocide - by Keith Harmon Snow

The western propaganda system is again trotting out the refrain that "rebels in Congo have been defeated."  The latest so-

Will It Be Possible to Observe Voter Turnout in 2016? - by Mark E. Smith

[I wrote this for the Election Boycott News list last year, but apparently neglected to post it here on Fubar.]

If He Can't Lie, It's Not His Revolution: Chris Hedges vs. Emma Goldman - by L. Raymond


Lou Reed, Bobby Parker, & the Perplexities of Art & Society - by Mark S. Tucker


(Another) Shotgun In Your Face - by Sean Swain

(Another) Shotgun In Your Face - by Sean Swain

Statement prepared for the 26 October 2013 Running-Down-The-Walls, Hamilton, Ontario


The Obamacare Trojan Hearse - by Mark S. Tucker


Confronting Genocide: The New Black Panthers - by Mark E. Smith

It's easy to talk of police brutality, but when your own people are being killed by your own government for the color of their skin, it is genocide. Genocide is much more difficult to confront and resist than something that is often dismissed as the actions of individuals or small groups of mercenaries carrying out murders they're paid to commit.

Is It Possible To Defeat Monsanto? - by Raúl Zibechi


Islamophobic Injustice - by Paul Balles

Islamophobic injustice

Forgiving White People - by Margaret Kimberley

Human Rights vs. Corporate Rule - by Mark E. Smith

I live in the USA, a capitalist country where corporations have more rights than humans. It is perfectly legal for a corporation to make billions in profits from activities that cause irreparable harm to human health, but it is considered terrorism to attempt to interfere with those blood-drenched profits.

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