Statement issued by The Faculty of Law at Cairo University


(Note: Please bear in mind that this is from a law school faculty. While they support the youth and the revolution, they themselves are NOT the youth and many of them have been trained to think in antiquated legalistic ways and to focus on trivia rather than on the big picture. Still, it is a delight to see their public support, as they are the first institution to make such a public statement, and one of the most respected in Egypt.)
Statement from Cairo University- faculty of law
Issued from the discussion forum held on 7/2/2011 around legal and constitutional solutions to meet the needs of the Peoples revolution
On Monday the 7th of February 2011 the professors  of  the faculty of law at Cairo university  met  and after many fruitful discussions and thorough analysis of the parameters of  constitutional thought and what is best for our country in order for  it to  correspond with  the  great leap & the  revolution of the Youth of the Nation which has both been welcomed  and backed by  many communities within the nation , presented to the nation from a pure conscience  and in reaction to the  new developments that have affected the  entire nation's  sentiments . Presented here to the great Egyptian nation are the results which the forum has reached in regards to what must be done for the good of the nation at this historical juncture in our beloved country
The forum has reached the following conclusions:
Firstly : To completely support and back The revolution of the 25th of January  which was sparked by the pure and uncorrupted Youth of Egypt in which all the diverse communities of Egypt joined to demand freedom , democracy and the sovereignty of the law , the achievement of social justice and calling to account the corrupt and those who have hindered the fate of this nation and honoring the blood of the martyrs which was spilt in the cause of the nations freedom and upholding the dignity of the citizen.
Secondly – Withdrawing all legitimacy from the current regime
Thirdly – Calling upon the President of the Republic to comply with the will of the nation as expressed by the public
Fourth - The Necessity of the instant dissolution of both Parliament and the Shura Council due to the impossibility of their meeting as a result of final sentences issued from the High Constitutional court which nullify the results of the elections in many constituencies
Fifth- A call for the creation of a founding committee devoted to the creation of a new constitution that is in accordance with the current phase, with the condition that all political ideologies are represented in this committee as well as civil society organizations and all Egyptian communities
Sixth – The delegation of all presidential powers to the vice president, as permitted by Articles 82 and 139 of the constitution in accordance with their correct interpretation
Seventh – The expansion of the current structure of the government in order for it to be an interim government dedicated to the nations recovery
Eighth-  The issuance of decrees from the republic  which would create laws that launch the right to create political parties and allowing  citizens the rights of election and nomination for public office
Ninth- The swift restructuring of the state authorities in accordance with the new constitution
Tenth – The immediate termination of the enforcement of the Emergency law
Signed on behalf of the attendees
Dr Ahmed Awad Belal
Dean of the Faculty of Law
February 7, 2011

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