Wael Ghonim is Free!

Wael Ghonim has been freed!


Tomorrow will probably be the biggest day in Tahrir Square yet.

Everyone is calling for the arrests of protesters and journalists to stop, and for all detainees to be released.

Ghonim's release is likely to capture the attention of the global media, not just because he is a hero, which he is, not just because he is well-spoken, which he is, and not just because he has been in the forefront of the revolution, which he has, but because he also happens to be a high-level marketing executive with Google, one of the world's leading communications corporations.


It may also be relevant to note that the intervention of Egyptian multi-billionaire Naguib Sawaris on Ghonim's behalf, was instrumental in obtaining Ghomim's release. Neither Wael Ghonim nor Naguib Sawaris can even remotely be described as poor people driven to protest by poverty and the lack of jobs.
This revolution is by and for ALL the people of Egypt, with the sole exception of the Mubarak regime and its cronies and thugs who are paid handsomely by the US and Israel to betray and oppress their own people.
The Mubarak regime will fall and Egypt will be free. Nothing bad will happen to the US and Israel, despite their evil-doing for the past thirty years, probably not even a significant increase in the price of gasoline, but we can expect them to sulk and, if they can get away with it, to kill as many innocent Palestinian, Afghan, and Pakistani women and children as they can find to make themselves feel better. But that's what they do all the time anyway.


Wael Ghonim in Tahrir Square with English Subtitles




Link to source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2011/feb/09/wael-ghonim-tahrir-square-video

Picture of Wael Ghonim in Tahrir Square

Wael Ghonim embracing the mother of Khaled Said, one of many young men beaten to death by Mubarak and Suleiman's thugs. A Facebook page in memory of Kaled that Ghonim had secretly administered, had helped spark the revolution. I'm in love with the picture! Wael @Ghonim holding Khale... on Twitpic Link to source: http://twitpic.com/3xsvbq

The last part of the Ghonim interview, with English subtitles.

And this is the song Ghonim sang to himself while detained.

Even blindfolded, a person can still dream.



Hamza Namira - Ehlam Ma'aya - Dream with Me | Awakening Records


Not Tamer Hosny Music

Did you hear how Egyptian pop star Tamer Hosny was sent away from Tahrir last night?


mosaaberizing He was interrogated by protesters and admitted - on tape which will be played - that he was sent by regime to convince people into leaving.


....which reminds me of how Hollywood is just an arm of the US secret police. It's job is to brainwash and to pacify us and sometimes to prepare us for upcoming events.


here's where "Husni" called for an end to the protests

His career is over.

The fool's popularity depended upon the youth of Egypt, and because he didn't support the revolution, they have no respect for him any more. 

Yes, the media is a brainwashing tool and celebrities get paid to collaborate. 

The problem is that celebrities often come to believe their own PR and lose touch with their base, just like politicians.

Dumbest career move ever.

And he's not totally alone

...I know he's not alone but I have to wonder how many more of the richest Egyptians are going to out themselves today - as 100% behind Mubarak. Talk about occupational suicide! Well, Omar Sharif is 100% behind the people and he's not in any sort of jeopardy of losing monies or income bcause of what he may say. Aside from this, Omar is a smart, sincere and well informed one.

Football players really blew it too.

Before this, according to several Tweets, the only time Egyptians were out in the streets was for football games and they really respected football players.

Only two prominent players have shown up to support the revolution.

Egyptian football fans are really pissed!

Here's Part One with English Subtitles.

I'll post the link to Part Two as soon as it is available.

I wasn't able to embed it as the code doesn't seem to work and the YouTube version doesn't have the English subtitles.

Please remember that Ghonim was subjected to expert psychological torture for twelve days--made to feel that everyone thought he was a traitor, while not knowing if he was going to be killed at any moment.

Here's the link:


Interview with subtitles shortly.

Wael Ghonim gave a brief interview after he was released, and then did a long TV interview in Arabic that was shown on Egyptian TV.

The interview has shaken Egypt to the core.

Most who were uncertain or hesitant are now firmly behind the revolution.

Many people, including Al Jazeera, are hard at work putting English subtitles to the interview and I'll try to post it here as soon as it is up with the subtitles, but it will probably also be on Democracy Now!, Al Jazeera, and every other news outlet that wants ratings today.

rossi was apparently correct--rumors are swirling that Mubarak is leaving for Heidelberg "for health reasons," but that has not yet been confirmed. I rather doubt that the US and Israel will allow Mubarak to leave Egypt, but then I doubted that Ghonim would be freed until he appeared on TV and it could no longer be doubted.

Ghonim was arrested at gunpoint, held blindfolded for twelve days, but not tortured.

He is a very humble man, but at the same time he is the true voice of the revolution.

Many have commented that Ghonim cried on TV when told of the hundreds who have died while he was detained, but Mubarak has not shed a tear. It is obvious to all Egyptians who cares about Egypt and who cares only about himself.

The revolution now has a leader and a face, even though Ghonim never wanted to be publicly known. 

This is exactly how many revolutionary leaders arose from the people, by being persecuted, surviving, and then finding themselves in a position where they have no choice but to do the people's will. Like them, Ghonim is someone who will listen to and obey the people. He wants nothing for himself and was willing to sacrifice everything he had, including his life, for the revolution. 


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