This Picture Says It All

We'll persevere.


Rossi just spent a straight fifteen hours working on some software problems with Fubar. That's Olympic-quality stubbornness. You've got it too, in the small, sweet things you do instead of submitting to mass hysteria. 

The meta-quality of that picture is that while it is all-encompassing, somebody was above it enough to draw the picture. 

great picture, sad isn't it?

No TV at my house. Yet, I do spend time online. But my time online is spent accessing information that is real. The police state is growing around us and seemingly many, too many Americans are blind to it. Why, if the TV didn't say it, it must not be real. And also, I can also see how the internet is turning into a giant corporatized monkey. More and more ads. Once net nuetrality dies...then what will you and I do?

Wow! But what's wrong with this picture?

It really does say a thousand words, but what's wrong in the picture is how the one family is sitting on the couch together. I think part of the scheme of keeping us quiet is the way families are broken up. The first method of breaking a family up (that comes to mind for me) is the mini Job scheme where people scramble to get and retain a job flipping burgers (e.g.) for the lawful (!!) minimum wage. These jobs are not 9-5 jobs and they don't last long. So the picture of the couch is an ever changing one, but rarely do we see the whole family together on the couch.  Kinda hard to put in a picture like this one, I know. Still, wow, I llike to way the picture is elongated, requiring you to start at the top and move down.

Even on those rare occasions

when families are together, they don't relate to each other directly, their minds focus on what the TV is feeding them. I've always been a reader and never been much for TV or movies, probably because I rarely had the opportunity, and by the time I did, I didn't want it. So it really perplexed me whenever I tried to relate to people and they'd be bantering about what they'd seen on TV and using lines from TV shows and movies that went right over my head because I'd never seen them. I was totally outside the dominant culture--and even much of the counterculture acted the same way.

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