A new way to embed code for video clips

If this works as it should, the latest addition to this site provides us with the ability to edit and configure content types. What I've done is, I've edited the blog & discussion entry fields to now include a field for simple pasting of video embedding code. This should save us from having to access and edit the actual source code of the main content body.

NOTE: as a minor setback, before entering the code in the embed field, you still have to click on the "source" button to switch CKEditor to source mode. So the only real improvement is that you have an extra content field made specifically for the entering of embed codes.

Make good use of Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V and let me know how you like this new feature.

Next up, I'll try entering a new content type that will allow us to enter a link and add the relation type ( rel=" "). Done correctly, this should make it possible for us to enter a link to say a video or a picture and add the related "rel" attribute needed to activate the associated lightbox effect for the link (photo, webpage, video, etc.). Lightbox makes the content pop out in a seperate viewer window that keep you on the same page.

If any of this is too fancy or too complicated, just scream. I'll understand. Ease of use is important but he easiest way is not always possible.

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