Fubar and Grill Rules

Want to join us? Read the rules! (Instructions are at the end.)


1. All patrons in good standing are entitled to free drinks.

2. If you're not standing too good, you've had too many.

3. Spam, Hasbara, personal attacks, flames, and right-wing garbage are subject to deletion and those who post them may be banned.

4. Political party operatives will be shot on sight.

5. Please do not shoot disinformation specialists without first finding out who is paying them. Once you know which agency they're from, please use only the specific torture techniques authorized by their agency.


Although our efforts have kept this site spam free, we've had to spend way too much time verifying and deleting spam-bots, so we're now requiring administrator approval to register. If you would like to join fubar, please send an e-mail to mymark at gmail dot com stating how you heard about Fubar and why you feel you'd fit in here. If you don't hear from us within 24 hours, simply repeat your e-mail request.  


--folkie, your fubarista

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