Profiteering from Genocide in Central Africa

Profiteering from Genocide in Central Africa

A presentation by keith harmon snow at the Brecht Forum, New York, NY, recorded on October 30, 2010. Thanks so much to the organizers and to Fred Nguyen for video recording.



Part ONE:


Profiteering from Genocide in Central Africa
Part TWO:

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Watching Part One for the second time.

So much essential information, most of which can't be found anywhere except in Keith's work and his words and photographs.

Thanks for posting that, rossi. My computer was down.

If you hadn't posted it, I wouldn't have been able to see it.

I was just able to watch part two on the site where it was originally posted (click on the links above each part to see the full size video), but I only saw part one here on Fubar, which meant it was so small I could only listen and not see the pictures, so I'll have to watch it again. That's good because Keith is so full of information that it is impossible to keep up.

But there's no other place to get that information, and it is essential to understanding how white, European, American, Canadian, and Israeli corporations, and the politicians who are their big stockholders and directors, are behind the genocides in Africa, and how they always blame everything on Africans. 

Keith's knowledge is priceless, but he has no funding, and unfortunately, the propaganda and lies of the MSM are backed by the fortunes gained in blood.

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