Police Provocateurs at Toronto G-20

You're going to have to go to the link to read the article see the photos, but it seems that the "black bloc vandals" at the G20 in Toronto were wearing police boots. The same brand-new police boots that the police were wearing. What a coincidence! Particularly since police provocateurs have been previously been exposed in Canada because they were wearing the same police-issued boots as their uniformed colleagues. These pigs never learn. (Global Research is a safe site--I've subscribed to it for years.) http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=19928 The Toronto G20 Riot Fraud: Undercover Police engaged in Purposeful Provocation At Tax Payers' Expense by Terry Burrows Global Research, June 27, 2010

Free the Toronto 900 -- or is that 1,000?

It sounds like Canada is getting more like the U.S. every day. Sure hope they don't lose their health care next! G8/G20 Communique: Free the Toronto 900! By Krystalline Kraus | June 28, 2010 http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/statica/2010/06/g8g20-communiqu%C3%A9-fr... The G20 arrestees have been dubbed the Toronto 900, though that number may again rise. Hopefully, we won’t be asking for amnesty for the Toronto 1,000! G20-related detentions biggest mass arrests in Canadian history Amnesty International wants G8-G20 security reviewed Facebook Petition:Canadians Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20 I'll be attending the rally, follow it on Twitter: @rabbleca and @krystalline_k ** JAIL SOLIDARITY RALLY! Toronto Condemns Police Violence Monday, June 28th 5:30 pm Police Headquarters, 40 College Street (at Yonge Street) Speakers: Naomi Klein Ben Powless Judy Rebick David McNally Abeer Majeed Testimonies from people who've been brutalized by police Over the past two days, police have rounded and arrested up hundreds of people. They have been denied access to lawyers, telephones, food and water, and held in deplorable conditions in makeshift steel cages. Many have been beaten in the streets and in their homes; shot at with rubber bullets and tear gas; some have been sent to hospital with severe injuries. Hundreds are still in custody as of Sunday night. We need to get our people out. We need to take our city back from the armed fortress that it has been turned into. We will let the police know that we will not tolerate the arrests, beatings and attempt to intimidate the people of Toronto. Our community stands with the people whose lives have been disrupted by the G20, and by police violence. We will demand that all those arrested be released, and released now!

Free the Toronto 500!

Appeal for broad political support for the G20 arrestees The MDC’s Summit Legal Support Project is appealing to the movements it supports to mobilize a show of political strength and solidarity for the nearly 500 people arrested in the last four days. The Toronto Police and the ISU appear to have lost control of their ‘prisoner processing center’, denying arrestees meaningful and timely access to counsel while beating and arresting those peacefully protesting their detention outside. Despite assurances to the contrary, only a handful of people have been released, including those held for many hours without charge. Arrestees are given incorrect information about the bail process they will be subjected to, and friends and family members gather hours early at the courthouse, located far from the city center and inaccessible via transit. Our lawyers call in and are told that there is no one available to make decisions or wait for hours at the detention centre, only to be denied access to their clients. Almost 500 people are in custody and we know from experience that the vast majority of those charges will disappear and yet the cell doors remain shut. We need to step it up and build a political response. We need many more voices – especially prominent ones – to say that the abuse and incompetence at 629 Eastern Avenue must stop. We must demand that all levels of government take control of the police forces under their command. We need to ensure that courts and crown attorneys act to enforce constitutional rights rather than collude in their violation. Free the Toronto 500! The Movement Defence Committee Link to source: http://movementdefence.org/G20appeal June 27, 2010

More photos & videos and an excellent article....

here: $1 Billion G20 Brutality - Canada's Shame http://www.livableregion.ca/blog/blogs/index.php/2010/06/27/1_billion_g2...

Video from G20

Another alternative media journalist I follow was also arrested and his video was confiscated, but this guy managed to keep his.


It is intended to be seen, the world is being herded into the exposure of the overall end. Nothing is happenstance and all media is used.

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