A few more beautiful people doing an angelic deed - Humane Borders

Actually, you read me saying some really harsh things about government in my frustration with those who enslave us.  But I love everyone as human beings... just want them to do right toward one another.

Here is a great story of some filled with compassion









Wonderful videos

Thank you so much for posting these, Coacoa.  I did not know about this group.  I am curious though.  There has been a story on Democracy Now about a gentleman who was arrested for littering a plastic jug in the desert after leaving water for the migrants.  I wonder if he had was connected to this group.  Thank you so much for posting this.  This is a very example of how to bridge borders instead of walls.

Here are our Border Angels in San Diego.


I first encountered Enrique Morones years ago when I happened to hear him on the radio and called in to his show.

Since then I've seen him and our Border Angels at numerous marches and demonstrations. 

Although I'm not a volunteer, I do donate when I can. 

The Border Angels also maintain water stations.


Today there are unmanned drones patrolling the border.

I have to wonder if they'll be bombing immigrants--I suppose they will because that's what they were designed to do. They're not capable of arresting people, just of killing them.


Yes, turtle the Border Angels are frequently harassed by right wing groups like the Minutemen and by the Border Patrol.

Thank you for posting those videos, Coacoa. 

And I bring light to a report that shames me personally ...

I won't stay long on the topic except to say that to die in the desert from the heat, lack of food and water IS A VIOLENT DEATH!  Indian people should remember our own people and the HELL given them in history.

Migrants say Arizona worth risk of crossing - Native American Times.

Giving aid to those suffering will not invite violence of any sort that is not worth the battle.

That is so sad.

I guess some Native Americans have forgotten that once there were no borders and they could roam freely on the land.

I'm glad there are some who still understand that the borders are not natural, not healthy, and not humane.

Delete the border!

Beyond sad is the condition of sefishness.

Agreed, Folkie... for a Nation of people to oppose immigration laws and then refuse aid workers a right to be compassionate is a crime in my mind. It shows the selfishness of the leadership within the nation, they want to end this law of immigration to spare themselves the possibility of harassment. There is no concern for humanity... no concern for those dying on their lands. I am shamed in it and feel so much hurt to think that Indian people could be so self centered.

The people of this nation should delete the border in their minds and remember they are HUMAN. They should question their leadership and see why their hearts are darker than the death handed out by those who want land border enforcement.

I think it is reasonable

to delete borders and consider everyone equal on the planet.  Small communities encouraging participation duplicated a billion times over is preferable in my opinion more than centralized power.  In my perfect world.....

I just watched the video

that you posted Folkie.  I feel so, what is the feeling, saddened and sickened.  The stark contrast of fellowship vs armed guards, of spending money on militarizing vs humanizing is obvious.  All that garb that the border patrol officer was wearing, the expense of his detaining toys, all of that could be spent on actually giving aid , comfort, support.  The stories that are coming out of New Orleans, with many undocumented workers going to that area, and they are assisting the community with rebuilding, and they are being warmly accepted by the residents who have stayed.  And it's beautiful.

If Americans would instead embrace those who cross and worked with them, we would all be so much further down the road. It's like this HUUUUge opportunity LOST.   I just don't get what the problem is with welcoming.

The tremendous lie of "lost jobs " is behind the racism

The Mainstream and pro border enforcement folk who are at heart, racist always speak of lost jobs... if they had a mind to really know truth... they would see that Government sent their jobs overseas in an effort to crush them, us... our economy. As I have stated so many times... it's about power... they have money, they want total control. So they fund both sides of the border issue, among others, to divide and... yes, conquer. We fight... they smile and bide their time. In the meanwhile... they keep us off balance with false flags, tragedy and frivolous garbage in their media so they can pass law after law to bring the walls closer and closer.  sigh!

Yep, that's right.

That is right.  Yes.


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