A Novel Way of Dealing With Police Brutality in India - by Mark E. Smith

When the cops kill a black person in a US ghetto, a certain procedure is followed.

First a complaint is filed, then charges are brought.

Next the case is moved to a wealthy white community where nobody is likely to have known or to identify with the victim.

Then the cop is acquitted.

A few protests and perhaps a riot will then break out in the ghetto where the victim was killed.

That allows the cops to beat, taser, mace, and arrest some of the protesters and rioters.

Then another black person is killed by a cop in another black ghetto and the media moves on to the next victim.


The people of a town in a Maoist controlled district in India appear to have a quite different procedure:



Mob hacks cop to death for killing civilians


August 26, 2010


A mob hacked a police constable to death in a Chhattisgarh village Wednesday after he gunned down two civilians in an inebriated condition.

The incident took place in Bakarkatta village in the state’s Maoist insurgency-hit Rajnandgaon district, some 225 km west of Raipur.

‘District Force constable Ashwani Verma shot dead two residents – Dinesh and Bhagwan – over some minor dispute. As the news of the civilians’ killing spread, a large number of people gathered and killed the constable with sharp-edged weapons locally called ‘tangia’,’ sources at the police headquarters here told IANS.

The sources added that Rajnandgaon District Superintendent of Police B.N. Meena left for the site with additional forces to assess the situation.

Reports reaching here said that a large number of people gathered at Bakarkatta and raised slogans against the police for the civilian killings.

‘The situation is very tense there…residents are very upset after the policeman took out his service revolver and killed two people in their early 30s. Additional forces have reached the village and are trying to calm the protesters, who refused to hand over the cop’s body to the police,’ a local policeman told IANS over phone.


(I've added Signalfire to our blogroll. It appears to be a good source for international news not usually covered by other websites.)

Our police have invested heavily

in riot subduing gear.  So if this situation were to occur here, the entire police-riot apparatus would mobilize and squelch it.  I am sure there would be a heavy police / military presence if people were to actually utilize "vigilante" justice. 

At a certain point, and I believe it is the point we are currently at and have been for some time, the corruption and unfairness, unjustness of our courts, actually require vigilante intervention to balance the equation.  I don't think I would have said that a decade plus ago, but I have learned a lot more, and I have seen a lot more, and so now there is an actual need for correcting an unjust action immediately through a people action court.

And the problem is, the lethal force of our police dept and military is so powerful, that our "spears" aren't going to effect the change that perhaps will be seen in India where this took place.  I am sure a police officer will be a lot more careful the next time entering that community.  And for good reason.

Also, very unfortunately, we have "adapted" so to speak in our acceptance of this behavior by the police.  Sure, the event was reported on, and we are indignant about it occuring, but our demands for it to stop has never been leveraged in a way so that it does stop.  And so we continue "watching" these events unfold.  Unmoved yet emotionally we are affected.  And I believe it is exactly that emotional wounding that underlies our immunity and health.  Then an abhorrent chemical, fluoride, aspartame, name your poison, it then has a weakened body to further the damage.

Frogs in an heating pot of "civilized" cruelty, uncaring, unchecked power.

Today, I love.

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