I Want Some of Whatever Oliver Stone is Stoned On.

I'm really looking forward to Oliver Stone's new film where he interviews Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and some of the other Latin American Presidents who are uniting the world against fascism. But today I got an email from Oliver Stone, sent by the Committee ro Re-Elect Alan Grayson, and I have to wonder what Stone's been smoking. Here's an excerpt from the letter:
The world is becoming more and more militarized. We need clarity. Congressman Grayson speaks out for the people who are trying to analyze and see through this morass. And he is a strong voice, he doesn't back down, he doesn't change his tune. He says it no matter what pressure is brought to bear on him, he sticks to his points, and his guns.
Stone says that he wants peace and that if I want peace I should support Grayson. He doesn't seem to understand what Grayson is all about. I've been explaining it for years. Congress is a con game. It's like a bunch of plug-ugly thugs who make their living hitting people over the head in a dark alley and taking their money. The only problem they have is that most people won't follow plug-ugly thugs into dark alleys. So they hire a shill the way that any good con game does. The shill has to appear to be attractive, honest, sincere, and trustworthy--the kind of person anyone would follow into a dark alley. The shill leads the suckers into the dark alleys and then the thugs hit them over the head and take their money. The Democrats usually have one shill at a time. Remember Howard Dean? Remember Dennis Kucinich? Well, now they have Alan Grayson. Always somebody the people can trust. But the suckers never seem to notice that the shill works for the same gang of con men as the plug-ugly thugs. And that no matter what the shill says or does between elections, come election time the shill will always lead the suckers into that dark alley to vote for the thugs who will hit them over the head and take their money. That's the job of the shill. So support for Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinich, or Alan Grayson, is support for the Democratic Party to which they belong, which is support for the two-party corporate system that always leads us into war. People who want peace don't join or vote for political parties that support war. In fact, people who want peace don't vote in sham elections where only those candidates whose parties support war can win. People who want peace don't vote in the U.S., because voting is granting the consent of the governed to, and thereby legitimizing, a government engaged in wars of aggression. People who want peace won't vote at all unless there are free, fair, open, honest elections where peace is on the ballot and has a level playing field. How many more films is Oliver Stone going to have to make before he figures it out?


I have come to expect the same from American Politicians as I do from American male lovers... all the talk of greatness and the build of exceptions to be ended with the "AWWWW... I guess it's over huh?" Oliver may soon wake to make another film after this one... maybe this one is a sort of "IV drip". Solid food is hard on those of us waking from coma.

Is that why......

Is that why so many American women keep voting to send our guys to war? Because they're not worth keeping? ;)

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