A smart Brazilian move...

I just heard a news story that stated that the government of Brazil has annonced that all UFO sightings will now be made public. In this new policy it is encouraged to report all sightings to the government.


Smart move since The US government has long leaned upon the "Crazy UFO nut" label that has allowed them to do as they please in many places they had no business being.  I have not searched for news of it online yet but I find it way wise for Brazil... now if all the other FREE societies will do the same.

Did you mean to post this twice, Coacoa?

If not, I'll delete the second one (the other one).  

I'm sorry, Folkie... please do delete it and this one too

Huh? Why delete this one?

I'll be happy to delete the duplicate, but this is interesting.

I'll go delete the duplicate right now, but I'd really like a reason for deleting the original and I can't think of one.  ;)

Thank you...

I meant the message asking you to delete the second one... yes, I find it interesting too... I am eager to see what may come from the story and if other countries follow suit. 

You don't really expect the U.S. to follow suit, do you?

I mean, it would be very strange if our government ever did anything that made sense.  ;)


I just saw a post somewhere that warned people not to base their research on data from Western, Educated, Imperialist, Racist, Democracies (WEIRD), or

something like that. I've forgotten what the actual words were. But it made me laugh and seems like good advice. 

Darned good advice...

No... I do not consider the US free at all in any way... the US is a gaggle of delusional folk with goblin leadership.  And they are the UFO source in most cases.  lol

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